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AF 1142  (Get Link)  Approval for Distribution and Display of Information and/or Materials to or Through Students
AF 1509  (Get Link)  Confidentiality Agreement - Visitors
AF 1509-Sp  (Get Link)  Confidentiality Agreement - Visitors
AF 1516  (Get Link)  Translation Request Form
AF 1537  (Get Link)  Adult Volunteer Application
AF 1537-SP  (Get Link)  Adult Volunteer Application-SP
AF 1538  (Get Link)  Under Age 18 - School Volunteer Application
AF 1538 -SP  (Get Link)  Under Age 18 - School Volunteer Application-SP
AF 1541  (Get Link)  Student Media Consent Form for Specific Event
AF 1541-Sp  (Get Link)  Student Media Consent and Release Form - Specific Event or Activity-Spanish
AF 1542  (Get Link)  Non-Student Media Consent and Release Form
AF 1543  (Get Link)  Request for Reconsideration of Media
AF 1602  (Get Link)  Public Complaint Form
AF 1602-Sp  (Get Link)  Public Complaint Form - Spanish
AF 3127  (Get Link)  Transfer Request
AF 3326  (Get Link)  Contract Review - Exchange of Money
AF 3327  (Get Link)  Contract Review - No Exchange of Money
AF 3340  (Get Link)  Single/Sole Source Request
AF 3342  (Get Link)  New Teacher/Increased Student Enrollment Request for Equipment
AF 3501  (Get Link)  SAF Adjustment Authorization
AF 3502  (Get Link)  SAF Approval of Class Fees
AF 3503  (Get Link)  SAF Asset Inventory
AF 3504  (Get Link)  SAF Cash Count Slip
AF 3505  (Get Link)  SAF -Gift Card Signature Form
AF 3506  (Get Link)  SAF Check Authorization
AF 3507  (Get Link)  SAF Currency Exchange
AF 3508  (Get Link)  SAF Bank Deposit Summary-Elem School
AF 3509  (Get Link)  SAF Equipment Use Log
AF 3510  (Get Link)  SAF Event Tickets Log
AF 3511  (Get Link)  SAF Fundraiser Request and Profit Analysis
AF 3512  (Get Link)  Individual Receipt Log - Student Activity Funds
AF 3513  (Get Link)  SAF Inventory and Profit Analysis
AF 3513-EX  (Get Link)  SAF Inventory and Profit Analysis
AF 3514  (Get Link)  SAF Inventory and Sales Analysis-School Clothing
AF 3514-EX  (Get Link)  SAF Inventory and Sales Analysis-School Clothing
AF 3515  (Get Link)  SAF Key Control Log
AF 3516  (Get Link)  SAF Pcard Request
AF 3517  (Get Link)  PCard Use Log - Student Activity Funds
AF 3518  (Get Link)  SAF Petty Cash Log
AF 3519  (Get Link)  Principals Monthy Checklist
AF 3520  (Get Link)  School Purchase Order - Student Activity Funds
AF 3521  (Get Link)  Purchase Order Log - Student Activity Funds
AF 3522  (Get Link)  SAF Safe/Vault Access Log
AF 3523  (Get Link)  SAF Ticket Sales Report
AF 3524  (Get Link)  SAF Transfer Authorization
AF 3525  (Get Link)  Booster Group Registration Form - Student Activity Funds
AF 3620  (Get Link)  Cell Phone Allowance Request
AF 4321  (Get Link)  Universal Request for Time Off
AF 4325  (Get Link)  Request for Advanced Placement on Salary Schedule
AF 4431  (Get Link)  Sexual Misconduct Disclosure Release
AF 4436  (Get Link)  Notice to Employees Regarding the Nevada Pregnant Workers' Fairness Act
AF 4505  (Get Link)  Employee Confirmation Form
AF 4511  (Get Link)  Substitute Teacher Information
AF 5002  (Get Link)  Opt-In To Directory Information Being Release
AF 5002-Sp  (Get Link)  Opt-In To Directory Information Being Release-Sp
AF 5003  (Get Link)  Request for Student Directory Information/Records
AF 5008  (Get Link)  Student Email Notification Form
AF 5008-Sp  (Get Link)  Student Email Notification Form - Spanish
AF 5013  (Get Link)  Records Release and Request
AF 5014  (Get Link)  Residency Affidavit
AF 5016  (Get Link)  Out-of-District Variance Application
AF 5016-Sp  (Get Link)   Out-of-District Variance Application - Sp
AF 5021  (Get Link)  Agreement to Conditionally Enroll a Student
AF 5021-Sp  (Get Link)  Acuerdo Para Inscribir Condicionalmente A Un Estudiante
AF 5055  (Get Link)  Appointment of Short-Term Guardian by a Parent (NRS 159A.205)
AF 5055-SP  (Get Link)   Appointment of Short-Term Guardian by a Parent (NRS 159A.205)-SP
AF 5306  (Get Link)  Travel Request Form
AF 5306 -Sp  (Get Link)  Travel Request Form - Sp
AF 5307  (Get Link)  Extra-Curricular Activity and Athletic Travel - Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk
AF 5307-Sp  (Get Link)   Extra-Curricular Activity and Athletic Travel - Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk - Spanish
AF 5308  (Get Link)  Student Travel (Field & Activity Trip) Permission & Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk
AF 5308 -Sp  (Get Link)  Student Travel (Field & Activity Trip) Permission & Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk - Sp
AF 5311  (Get Link)  Student and Parent/Guardian Field/Activity Trip Rules and Agreement Form
AF 5311-Sp  (Get Link)  Student And Parent/Guardian Field/Activity Trip Rules And Agreement Form-Spanish
AF 5312  (Get Link)  International Travel - Field Trip Permission Form for District-Sponsored Travel
AF 5313  (Get Link)  Field Trip Emergency Operations Plan
AF 5327  (Get Link)  District-Recognized Athletics Application
AF 5703  (Get Link)  Bullying Protocol Screening
AF 5704  (Get Link)  Bullying Protocol Investigation
AF 5705  (Get Link)  Bullying Protocol Resolution and Documentation
AF 5706  (Get Link)  Findings Letter to Parents/Guardians of Victims
AF 5707  (Get Link)  Findings Letter to Parents/Guardians of Offender
AF 6161  (Get Link)  Permission to View a Commercial Film
AF 6216  (Get Link)  Delayed Graduation Application
AF 6221  (Get Link)  Fifth Year Senior Application
AF 6227  (Get Link)  Verification and Affidavit of Home School Instruction for Incoming 9th Graders
AF 6239  (Get Link)  Enrollment Checklist
AF 6316  (Get Link)  Dual Credit Enrollment Application
AF 6317  (Get Link)  Permission to Take Credit By Exam (CBE)
AF 6319  (Get Link)  WCSD Honors Course Application and Rubric
AF 6331  (Get Link)  Honors Music Credit Requirements for Grades 9-12
AF 6332  (Get Link)  Music Honor Credit Checklist
AF 6408  (Get Link)  Permission to Take a Mastery Exam
AF 6410  (Get Link)  Special Request Accommodation for CBE/Mastery Exam
AF 6640  (Get Link)  WCSD Master Course File Modification Request
AF 7122A  (Get Link)  Community Use of Facilities - General Use
AF 7122B  (Get Link)  Community Use of Facility Application- City of Reno Only
AF 7122C  (Get Link)  Community Use of Facility Application - City of Sparks Only
AF 7350  (Get Link)  Agreement for Loan of WCSD Equipment
AF 7351  (Get Link)  Agreement for Loan of WCSD Equipment - Staff
AF 7576  (Get Link)  Annual Request to Transport Students
AF 7612  (Get Link)  Public Records Requests
AF 7627  (Get Link)  Digital Tools Universal Consent Form
AF 7627-Sp  (Get Link)  Online Tools Universal Consent Form - Spanish
AF 9105  (Get Link)  Committee Membership Application
AP-F001  (Get Link)  Check Request Form
AP-F002  (Get Link)  Travel Claim Form
AP-F003  (Get Link)  Mileage Reimbursement Form
AP-F004  (Get Link)  Credit Card Issuance Form
AP-F006A  (Get Link)  Independent Contract Agreement Justification
AP-F006B  (Get Link)  Independent Contract Agreement
AP-F007  (Get Link)  Independent Contractor Agreement Revision Request
AP-F009  (Get Link)  Purchasing Card Enrollment Form
AP-F010  (Get Link)  Employee Cardholder Agreement
AP-F011  (Get Link)  Department Cardholder Agreement
AP-F012  (Get Link)  P-Card - District Employee Agreement
AP-F013  (Get Link)  Statement of Lost or Missing Pcard Receipt
AP-F014  (Get Link)  Purchasing Card Log (Excel)
AP-F015  (Get Link)  Authorization Agreement for Automatic Deposit
AP-F016  (Get Link)  PCard Increase Approval Form
AP-F017  (Get Link)  Non-Employee ACH Authorization
AR-F002  (Get Link)  Cash Receipts Log
EM-F102  (Get Link)  Emergency Use Inspection
FMS-F005  (Get Link)  Remodel Request Tracker
HEA-F110  (Get Link)  Independent Diabetes Consent and Request
HEA-F1201  (Get Link)  Communicable Disease Exclusion Notice
HEA-F125  (Get Link)  Parent Notification of Height and Weight Survey
HEA-F151  (Get Link)  Confidential Bus Health Care Plan
HEA-F205  (Get Link)  Consent and Request for Medication Assistance During School Hours
HEA-F206  (Get Link)  Consent and Request for Allergy / Anaphylaxis Medication
HEA-F220  (Get Link)  Consent and Request for Administration of Intranasal Versed (Midazolam)
HEA-F603  (Get Link)  Parent Report of Student Health, Developmental, and Social History
HEA-F603-sp  (Get Link)  Parent Report of Student Health, Developmental, and Social History - Spanish
HKO-F008  (Get Link)  Roof Leak Log
HKO-F010  (Get Link)  Power Outage Checklist
HKO-F100  (Get Link)  Vandalism Tracker
HKO-F210  (Get Link)  Daily Process Cleaning Checklist
HKO-F218  (Get Link)  WCSD Annex Supply - Order Entry
HKO-F219  (Get Link)  Custodial Annex Supply - Non-Stock Item Form
HKO-F221  (Get Link)  Substitute Custodian Checklist
HKO-F226  (Get Link)  Summer Cleaning Crew Room Checklist
HKO-L006  (Get Link)  Battery Care and Use
HR-F002  (Get Link)  Application for Certified Hourly Assignment
HR-F031  (Get Link)  Pre-Employment Understanding
HR-F049  (Get Link)  Acknowledgement of NRS 391.350 Breach of Contract/Teaching Status Form
HR-F108  (Get Link)  Sick Leave Bank Authorization
HR-F116  (Get Link)  Interview Questions
HR-F122  (Get Link)  ESP Employee Separation/Transfer Notification
HR-F205  (Get Link)  Guest Teacher Daily Report
HR-F206  (Get Link)  Substitute Teacher Information
HR-F207  (Get Link)  Unsatisfactory Substitute Evaluation Form
HR-F208  (Get Link)  Unsatisfactory Substitute Evaluation Follow-Up
HR-F209  (Get Link)  Substitute Teacher Response to Unsatisfactory Evaluation
HR-F212  (Get Link)  Performance Issue Advisory - Substitute Teacher
HR-F221  (Get Link)  Letter of Reasonable Assurance - Substitute Services
HR-F224  (Get Link)  Exceptional Substitute Teacher Nomination Form
HR-F225  (Get Link)  Substitute Teacher Report
HR-F501  (Get Link)  Request for Payment of Accrued Vacation
HR-F502  (Get Link)  Authorization for Additional Days
HR-F503  (Get Link)  Additional Days Request - Evaluation Criteria
HR-F505  (Get Link)  Confidentiality Agreement - Screening/Interview Committee
HR-F513  (Get Link)  Application to Obtain Credits Beyond Master's Equivalency
HR-F514  (Get Link)  Masters Equivalency Program - Application Form
HR-F515  (Get Link)  Masters Equivalency Program - Program Revision Request
HR-F520  (Get Link)  Requisition to Hire - Athletic Programs
HR-F521  (Get Link)  Verification of Employment Form - Certified
HR-F522  (Get Link)  Administrative Emergency Pay Request
HR-F524  (Get Link)  Reference Check
HR-F525  (Get Link)  Verification of Employment - Administrator
HR-F526  (Get Link)  Leave of Absence Request
HR-F527  (Get Link)  Application to Obtain Credits Beyond Masters Degree
HR-F528  (Get Link)  Graduate Credit Self-Screen Checklist
HR-F530  (Get Link)  Request for Professional Leave / School Business / Community Service Leave
HR-F531  (Get Link)  Sabbatical Leave Request - Certificated Administrators
HR-F532  (Get Link)  Designation of Beneficiary for Receipt of Final Payment Due WCSD Employee
HR-F535  (Get Link)  Change of Name and/or Address Form
HR-F536  (Get Link)  Interview Report Form
HR-F537  (Get Link)  Sabbatical Leave Request - Pro-Tech Administrators and Psychologists
HR-F538  (Get Link)  Employee Insurance Eligibility
HR-F539  (Get Link)  Verification of Employment Form - ESP
HR-F544  (Get Link)  Committee Member Ranking Sheet
HR-F545  (Get Link)  Interview Schedule
HR-F546  (Get Link)  Employee Pre-Retirement Checklist
HR-F547  (Get Link)  Plus Delta's
HR-F550  (Get Link)  Universal Hiring Requisition - Admin, Pro-Tech, Certified, ESP, and Students
HR-F551  (Get Link)  Pay Adjustment Form
HR-F600  (Get Link)  ESP Grievance Form
HR-F601  (Get Link)  ESP Complaint Form
HR-F602  (Get Link)  Certificated Grievance Form
HR-F603  (Get Link)  Certificated Complaint Form
HR-F610  (Get Link)  Recommendation to Defer Step Increase
HR-F617  (Get Link)  Mandatory Self-Reporting by Staff Form
LEG-F122  (Get Link)  Staff Complaint Form - Workplace Discrimination
MNT-F003  (Get Link)  Building Heating, Cooling & Ventilation System Turn On or Off Request Form
MNT-F004  (Get Link)  Air Conditioning Request Form for Summer School Schedule
MNT-F006  (Get Link)  Chiller Log
MNT-F007  (Get Link)  Irrigation Systems Fall Winterization Sequence
MNT-F008  (Get Link)  Irrigation Systems Spring Activation Sequence
MNT-F300  (Get Link)  Master Key Distribution Log
MNT-F301  (Get Link)  Maintenance Key Log
MNT-F302  (Get Link)  Lock and Key Request
MNT-F303  (Get Link)  Change Key Distribution Log
MNT-F304  (Get Link)  Additional Key Inventory Form
MNT-F305  (Get Link)  Keymark Key Blank Log
MNT-F306  (Get Link)  Notification of Preventive Maintenance Visit
PAY-F001  (Get Link)  Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit
PAY-F002  (Get Link)  Authorization to Stop Direct Deposit
PAY-F004  (Get Link)  Student Activities Timesheet
PAY-F007  (Get Link)  Request for Pay Stub Information
PAY-F008  (Get Link)  Request for IRS Form W-2
PAY-F009  (Get Link)  Special Services Agreement - Certified/Administrative/Professional-Technical Staff Stipends
PAY-F010  (Get Link)  Time and Attendance Report - Certified
PAY-F010-Ex  (Get Link)  Time and Attendance Report - Certified (Excel)
PAY-F011  (Get Link)  Time and Attendance Report - Classified
PAY-F012  (Get Link)  Graduation Pay Timesheet
PAY-F013  (Get Link)  Prep Period Pay Timesheet
PAY-F014  (Get Link)  Request for Replacement Check
PAY-F015  (Get Link)  Benefits Request for Refund
PF-F001  (Get Link)  Equipment & Tools Asset Inventory Form
PF-F006  (Get Link)  HVAC Department Water Treatment Field Work Order
PF-F009  (Get Link)  Joint Use Agreement SFC's Grounds Maintenance Inspection Form
PIC-F001  (Get Link)  Inventory Tag Receipt
PIC-F003  (Get Link)  Fixed Asset Additions Reconciliation
PLI-F004  (Get Link)  Employee Personal Property Coverage
PLI-F006  (Get Link)  Bi-Weekly Facility Inspection Forms
PLI-F007  (Get Link)  Monthly Athletic Facility Equipment Inspection Form
PLI-F008  (Get Link)  Student Injury Report
PLI-F009  (Get Link)  Personal Injury and Property Loss/Damage Report
PRT-F003  (Get Link)  Business Card Order Form
SAF-F001  (Get Link)  Lockout Procedure Steps
SAF-F002  (Get Link)  Authorized Employee List
SAF-F003  (Get Link)  Equipment List
SAF-F004  (Get Link)  Equipment-Specific Lockout
SAF-F005  (Get Link)  Group Lockout
SAF-F006  (Get Link)  Lockout Device List
SAF-F007  (Get Link)  Lockout Device Removal
SAF-F008  (Get Link)  Annual Inspection Program-Part 1 Program Review
SAF-F009  (Get Link)  Confined Space identification and Classification Form
SAF-F010  (Get Link)  Declassification Permit
SAF-F011  (Get Link)  PIV Operator Certification Card
SAF-F017  (Get Link)  Automotive Shop Safety Monthly Inspection Checklist
SAF-F018  (Get Link)  Department Action Item Register
SAF-F019  (Get Link)  Quarterly Rack Inspection Form
SAF-F023  (Get Link)  Transportation Monthly Self Inspections Log
SAF-F029  (Get Link)  Management self Inspection Form
WHS-F401  (Get Link)  Relocation Request Form

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