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Reg 1141  (Get Link)  Distribution and Display of Information and Materials to or Through Students
Reg 1311  (Get Link)  Political Activity in Schools
Reg 1321  (Get Link)  Participation by School Groups in Public Events
Reg 1331.1  (Get Link)  Use of Facilities by Traveling Youth Groups
Reg 1332  (Get Link)  Alcohol, Tobacco and Controlled Substances Prohibited
Reg 1501  (Get Link)  Volunteer Screening and Background Checks
Reg 1502  (Get Link)  Volunteer Protocols
Reg 1506  (Get Link)  Protocols for Visitors to District Property
Reg 1506 - SP  (Get Link)  Protocolos Para Visitantes a Propiedades Del Distrito
Reg 1507  (Get Link)  Visitor Management Protocols
Reg 1515  (Get Link)  Meaningful Access: Document Translation / Language Interpretation
Reg 1515-Sp  (Get Link)  Acceso Significativo ? Traducci?n de documentos / Interpretaci?n de idiomas
Reg 1520  (Get Link)  Trespass from District Property
Reg 1601  (Get Link)  Public Complaints - Response and Resolution
Reg 1601-Sp  (Get Link)  Public Complaints - Response and Resolution -Spanish
Reg 2111  (Get Link)  Administrative Recruitment and Selection
Reg 2111.2  (Get Link)  Principal / Assistant Principal Selection
Reg 2112.1  (Get Link)  Evaluation of Administrators
Reg 2112.2  (Get Link)  Administrative and Professional-Technical Transfer Procedures
Reg 3110  (Get Link)  Preparation of Annual Operating Budget
Reg 3121  (Get Link)  Budget Augmentation
Reg 3131  (Get Link)  Position Control
Reg 3160  (Get Link)  Transfer of Budget Appropriations
Reg 3170  (Get Link)  Budget Administration
Reg 3210.1  (Get Link)  School Activity Funds
Reg 3211  (Get Link)  Investments
Reg 3230  (Get Link)  Debt Management
Reg 3231  (Get Link)  Activities Supported by Grant Funds
Reg 3240  (Get Link)  Installment-Purchase Agreements (Lease Financings)
Reg 3250  (Get Link)  Fees and Deposits
Reg 3270  (Get Link)  Acquisition/Disposition of Real Property
Reg 3270.1  (Get Link)  Disposition of Personal Property
Reg 3271  (Get Link)  Rental or Lease of Teacherage
Reg 3272.1  (Get Link)  Grants of Money and Donations of Property
Reg 3272.2  (Get Link)  Purchase of Tickets to Community Events
Reg 3280  (Get Link)  Acceptance of Gifts, Grants or Bequests
Reg 3280.1  (Get Link)  Grant Applications
Reg 3310  (Get Link)  Purchasing Guides
Reg 3311  (Get Link)  Quality of Supplies, Equipment and Service
Reg 3312  (Get Link)  Quantity Purchasing
Reg 3313  (Get Link)  Vendors
Reg 3313.2  (Get Link)  Vendors Representative
Reg 3322  (Get Link)  Contract Review and Approval
Reg 3323  (Get Link)  Professional Services
Reg 3324  (Get Link)  Purchase Orders
Reg 3329  (Get Link)  Procurement Protocols - Federal Funds
Reg 3330  (Get Link)  Educational Specifications: Bond Fund Expenditures for Equipping New Schools and Facilities
Reg 3350  (Get Link)  Staff Travel: Approval and Reimbursement Procedures
Reg 3410  (Get Link)  System of Accounts
Reg 3421  (Get Link)  Accounting Regulations
Reg 3434  (Get Link)  Fiscal Year-End Processing and Annual Audit
Reg 3440  (Get Link)  Fixed Assets Inventory
Reg 4100  (Get Link)  Verification of Employment History
Reg 4110.1  (Get Link)  Recruitment and Selection - Teaching Staff
Reg 4110.2  (Get Link)  Department Chairpersons
Reg 4111.1  (Get Link)  Regulation of Nepotism
Reg 4111.2  (Get Link)  Personnel Records
Reg 4111.5  (Get Link)  Safe and Respectful Learning Environment - Staff
Reg 4112  (Get Link)  Appointment of Certified (Licensed) Personnel
Reg 4112.1  (Get Link)  Certification (Licensure) Information Required
Reg 4115  (Get Link)  Transfers (Teachers)
Reg 4115.1  (Get Link)  Backup for Administrative Personnel
Reg 4117  (Get Link)  Teacher Probation and Evaluation
Reg 4117.1  (Get Link)  Evaluations - Conflict of Interest
Reg 4119  (Get Link)  Separation: Licensed Employees
Reg 4119.1  (Get Link)  Calendar for Action on Dismissal or Non-Renewal of Contract for Post-Probationary Licensed Administrators
Reg 4119.2  (Get Link)  Suspension (Licensed Employee)
Reg 4119.3  (Get Link)  Short Term Suspension (Licensed Employee)
Reg 4120  (Get Link)  Early Separation Incentive Plan
Reg 4121  (Get Link)  Staff and Volunteer Background Checks / Fingerprinting
Reg 4122  (Get Link)  Substitute Teachers
Reg 4130  (Get Link)  In-Service Training
Reg 4131  (Get Link)  Professional Growth
Reg 4132  (Get Link)  Publication of Articles
Reg 4138  (Get Link)  Non-School Employment
Reg 4142  (Get Link)  Salary Payments to Certificated (Licensed) Personnel
Reg 4142.1  (Get Link)  Compensation for Accumulated Sick Leave
Reg 4142.2  (Get Link)  Salary Deductions
Reg 4145  (Get Link)  Employee Health Insurance
Reg 4145.1  (Get Link)  Industrial Workers' Compensation for Employees
Reg 4147  (Get Link)  Additional Voluntary Salary Deductions
Reg 4150  (Get Link)  Absences and Leaves
Reg 4150.1  (Get Link)  Family and Medical Leave
Reg 4160  (Get Link)  Mandatory Self-Reporting by Staff: Charge, Arrest or Conviction of a Crime
Reg 4161  (Get Link)  Drug-Free Environment
Reg 4210  (Get Link)  Recruitment and Selection - Classified Employees
Reg 4212.1  (Get Link)  Information Required - Classified
Reg 4214  (Get Link)  Alcohol and Controlled Substance Testing (Employees Licensed to Operate a Commercial Vehicle)
Reg 4215  (Get Link)  Transfers - Classified
Reg 4217  (Get Link)  Probationary Period - Classified
Reg 4218  (Get Link)  Promotions - Classified
Reg 4219  (Get Link)  Employee Discipline and Separation ( Non-Licensed Employees)
Reg 4219-Sp  (Get Link)  Employee Discipline and Separation
Reg 4232  (Get Link)  Payment of Classified Employees
Reg 4232.1  (Get Link)  Salary Deductions for Classified Employees
Reg 4233  (Get Link)  Overtime and Compensatory Time - Classified
Reg 4237.1  (Get Link)  Additional Voluntary Salary Deductions - Classified
Reg 4238  (Get Link)  Non-School Employment - Classified
Reg 4242.1  (Get Link)  Compensation for Accumulated Sick leave - Classified
Reg 4243  (Get Link)  Absenses, Leaves and Vacations - Classified
Reg 4425  (Get Link)  Staff Complaint Process: Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Intimidation
Reg 4430  (Get Link)  Sexual Harassment and Misconduct by Staff
Reg 4505  (Get Link)  Investigatory Interview Process
Reg 4506  (Get Link)  Standards of Professional Conduct
Reg 4507  (Get Link)  Teacher Responsibilities and Duties
Reg 4508  (Get Link)  Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Automated External Defibrillator Training and Certification Plan
Reg 4509  (Get Link)  Request for Advanced Salary Placement
Reg 4512  (Get Link)  Employee Identification Badges
Reg 4530  (Get Link)  Ethical Standards / Conflict of Interest
Reg 4560  (Get Link)  Mandatory Reporting - Child Abuse, Neglect, Corporal Punishment
Reg 4675  (Get Link)  Staff Responsibilities: Possession of a Weapon on School District Property Prohibited
Reg 5005  (Get Link)  Student Educational Records
Reg 5007  (Get Link)  Student E-Mail
Reg 5010  (Get Link)  Outside Law Enforcement and Other Government Agencies: Questioning of Students and Release of Student Records
Reg 5015  (Get Link)  School of Choice
Reg 5026  (Get Link)  Uniform Grading and Reporting - Grades K-5 in an Elementary School Setting
Reg 5027  (Get Link)  Uniform Grading and Reporting - Grades 6-8 in a Middle School Setting
Reg 5028  (Get Link)  Uniform Grading & Reporting: Grades 9-12
Reg 5029  (Get Link)  Graded Class Activities Conducted Outside of Regular Class Time
Reg 5102  (Get Link)  Student Dress Code
Reg 5102 - Sp  (Get Link)  Código de Vestir del Estudiante
Reg 5106  (Get Link)  Student Uniforms - Adoption Guidelines for a School-Site Policy
Reg 5117.1  (Get Link)  Attendance of Non-Public School Students in Washoe County Schools on a Space Available Basis
Reg 5127  (Get Link)  High School Graduation Diploma Requirements
Reg 5128  (Get Link)  Graduation/Commencement - Participation in Ceremony
Reg 5129  (Get Link)  Diploma Seals, Certificates, and Endorsements
Reg 5134  (Get Link)  Social Events
Reg 5134.7  (Get Link)  Programs on School Time
Reg 5135.1  (Get Link)  Fundraising Drives
Reg 5140  (Get Link)  Student Health and Welfare
Reg 5141  (Get Link)  Management of Opioid-Related Drug Overdose and Administration of Opioid Antagonists
Reg 5146  (Get Link)  Release of Students During School Hours
Reg 5151  (Get Link)  Guidelines for Regulating Student Speech
Reg 5161  (Get Link)  Gender Identity and Gender Non-Conformity-Students
Reg 5161-Sp  (Get Link)  Identidad De G?nero Y Los Que No Se Identifican Como Masculino O Femenino
Reg 5201  (Get Link)  Family Engagement: Encouraging and Supporting Parents' Active Role in their Children's Education
Reg 5205  (Get Link)  Student Immunizations
Reg 5326  (Get Link)  District-Recognized Athletics
Reg 5341  (Get Link)  External Athletic Organizations
Reg 5401  (Get Link)  Student Attendance
Reg 5600  (Get Link)  Student Wellness
Reg 5701  (Get Link)  Student Bullying, Harassment and/or Discrimination Complaint and Appeal Procedures
Reg 5702  (Get Link)  Staff on Student Bullying, Harassment, and/or Discrimination - Complaint and Appeal Procedures
Reg 5810  (Get Link)  Use of Personal Electronic Devices by Students - Prohibited Conduct
Reg 6000  (Get Link)  Shared Decision-Making
Reg 6111  (Get Link)  School Calendars & Schedules to Relieve Overcrowding
Reg 6120  (Get Link)  Instructional Plans
Reg 6142.1  (Get Link)  Sexuality, Health and Responsibility Education (S.H.A.R.E.)
Reg 6144.1  (Get Link)  Recognition of Religious Beliefs and Customs
Reg 6154  (Get Link)  Homework
Reg 6161  (Get Link)  Media Selection
Reg 6161.5  (Get Link)  Disposal of Obsolete Instructional Materials
Reg 6164.1  (Get Link)  Substance Abuse Prevention
Reg 6171  (Get Link)  Limited English Proficiency Procedures
Reg 6171.1  (Get Link)  Alternative Education Program
Reg 6171.2  (Get Link)  Higher Education Cooperative Programs - Dual Credit
Reg 6181  (Get Link)  Instructional Materials Selection & Adoption
Reg 6200  (Get Link)  Reading: Kindergarten - Grade 3
Reg 6301  (Get Link)  Mathematics
Reg 6501  (Get Link)  Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate Classes
Reg 6600  (Get Link)  The Gateway Curriculum
Reg 6701  (Get Link)  Charter Schools – Performance Monitoring and Closure
Reg 6801  (Get Link)  Special Education Neighborhood Programming
Reg 7087  (Get Link)  School Closure
Reg 7106  (Get Link)  School Overcrowding Management Planning
Reg 7107  (Get Link)  Alignment of School Attendance Zones
Reg 7111  (Get Link)  Naming of Schools and Other District Facilities
Reg 7115  (Get Link)  School Name Enhancement
Reg 7121  (Get Link)  Community Use of School Facilities
Reg 7206  (Get Link)  eDiscovery - Data Compliance, Search, and Investigation
Reg 7211  (Get Link)  Responsible Use and Internet Safety
Reg 7224  (Get Link)  Guest Wireless Network
Reg 7228  (Get Link)  Information Technology - Authenticators
Reg 7240  (Get Link)  Access to Programs and Services Through Information Technology
Reg 7301  (Get Link)  Insurance Coverage
Reg 7405  (Get Link)  Candles and Other Fragrance Emitting Devices
Reg 7501  (Get Link)  Transportation of Students
Reg 7506  (Get Link)  Use of Vehicles for District Business
Reg 7521  (Get Link)  Service Animals
Reg 7522  (Get Link)  Animals on District Property and/or Events
Reg 7547  (Get Link)  Student Meal Costs and Unpaid Charges
Reg 7611  (Get Link)  Requests for Public Records
Reg 9111  (Get Link)  Meeting Protocols
Reg 9166  (Get Link)  Administrative Investigations
Reg 9201  (Get Link)  Title IX Sexual Harassment

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