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Help / Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact with a question not covered in one of the posted documents?
  1. Staff members, students, parents/guardians and other members of the community are encouraged to contact the school or department administrator with questions not covered in a policy or regulation.
How do I propose a new document or revise a current document?
  1. To create a new or revise a current governing document, contact the governance division of the Board Services Department. Vangie Russell, Project Manager can be reached at or by phone at 775-789-4621. 
  2. Governing documents include Board policy, administrative regulations, administrative procedures, forms and manuals. 
  3. Current CSI documents - CSI procedures, work instructions, guidelines and lists shall be converted to the new document format along when revised.
What is the process for having a document approved?
  1. Prior to beginning work on a governing document, the Office of General Counsel shall be contacted to obtain the correct document template, ensure no conflicts exist, etc.
  2. Staff member shall complete drafting of document.  The department's Chief must be informed of the work during the drafting process.
  3. Prior to vetting of the document - review by outside groups/committees - the Office of General Counsel shall ensure the document is appropriately formatted.

 Can I search for documents using this website?

  1. Yes, click the "Search" box on the toolbar to the left.  Type in the name, a descriptor, or document number that describes what you are looking for in the blank field.  Click on the search button.
What do I do if I get a "404 Error" after clicking on a document?
  1. Contact the Board Services Department so the problem can be corrected.