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  4000 - Personnel
Employee Services

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Board Policy
Administrative Regulations
Administrative Procedures
HR-P001Posting Credit Procedurerev. v 1.0HR-P001 Links
HR-P007Verification of Experiencerev. v 4.0HR-P007 Links
HR-P009Use of Sick Leave/Sick Bank Procedurerev. AHR-P009 Links
HR-P017Employment Status Change Procedurerev. AHR-P017 Links
HR-P024FMLA Procedurerev. BHR-P024 Links
AF 4436Notice to Employees Regarding the Nevada Pregnant Workers' Fairness Actrev. v 1.0AF 4436 Links
AF 4505Employee Confirmation Formrev. v 1.0AF 4505 Links
HR-F049Acknowledgement of NRS 391.350 Breach of Contract/Teaching Status Formrev. CHR-F049 Links
HR-F108Sick Leave Bank Authorizationrev. AHR-F108 Links
HR-F116Interview Questionsrev. AHR-F116 Links
HR-F122ESP Employee Separation/Transfer Notificationrev. AHR-F122 Links
HR-F501Request for Payment of Accrued Vacationrev. AHR-F501 Links
HR-F502Authorization for Additional Daysrev. CHR-F502 Links
HR-F503Additional Days Request - Evaluation Criteriarev. AHR-F503 Links
HR-F505Confidentiality Agreement - Screening/Interview Committeerev. AHR-F505 Links
HR-F513Application to Obtain Credits Beyond Master's Equivalencyrev. AHR-F513 Links
HR-F514Masters Equivalency Program - Application Formrev. CHR-F514 Links
HR-F515Masters Equivalency Program - Program Revision Requestrev. BHR-F515 Links
HR-F520Requisition to Hire - Athletic Programsrev. BHR-F520 Links
HR-F521Verification of Employment Form - Certifiedrev. AHR-F521 Links
HR-F522Administrative Emergency Pay Requestrev. AHR-F522 Links
HR-F524Reference Checkrev. AHR-F524 Links
HR-F525Verification of Employment - Administratorrev. BHR-F525 Links
HR-F526Leave of Absence Requestrev. EHR-F526 Links
HR-F527Application to Obtain Credits Beyond Masters Degreerev. AHR-F527 Links
HR-F528Graduate Credit Self-Screen Checklistrev. AHR-F528 Links
HR-F530Request for Professional Leave / School Business / Community Service Leaverev. v 1.0HR-F530 Links
HR-F531Sabbatical Leave Request - Certificated Administratorsrev. EHR-F531 Links
HR-F532Designation of Beneficiary for Receipt of Final Payment Due WCSD Employeerev. EHR-F532 Links
HR-F535Change of Name and/or Address Formrev. CHR-F535 Links
HR-F536Interview Report Formrev. BHR-F536 Links
HR-F537Sabbatical Leave Request - Pro-Tech Administrators and Psychologistsrev. DHR-F537 Links
HR-F538Employee Insurance Eligibilityrev. AHR-F538 Links
HR-F539Verification of Employment Form - ESPrev. AHR-F539 Links
HR-F544Committee Member Ranking Sheetrev. BHR-F544 Links
HR-F545Interview Schedulerev. AHR-F545 Links
HR-F546Employee Pre-Retirement Checklistrev. AHR-F546 Links
HR-F547Plus Delta'srev. AHR-F547 Links
HR-F550Universal Hiring Requisition - Admin, Pro-Tech, Certified, ESP, and Studentsrev. FHR-F550 Links
HR-F551Pay Adjustment Formrev. AHR-F551 Links
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