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  3000 - Business and Finance
3320 - Purchasing Procedures

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Board Policy
Policy 3320Purchasing Proceduresrev. v4Policy 3320 Links
Administrative Regulations
Reg 3310Purchasing Guidesrev. V 6.0Reg 3310 Links
Reg 3311Quality of Supplies, Equipment and Servicerev. V 6.0Reg 3311 Links
Reg 3312Quantity Purchasingrev. V 6.0Reg 3312 Links
Reg 3313Vendorsrev. V 3.0Reg 3313 Links
Reg 3313.2Vendors Representativerev. V 2.0Reg 3313.2 Links
Reg 3324Purchase Ordersrev. V 2.0Reg 3324 Links
Reg 3329Procurement Protocols - Federal Fundsrev. v1Reg 3329 Links
Reg 3330Educational Specifications: Bond Fund Expenditures for Equipping New Schools and Facilitiesrev. V 4.0Reg 3330 Links
Reg 3350Staff Travel: Approval and Reimbursement Proceduresrev. v10Reg 3350 Links
Administrative Procedures
AP 3341Request for Quotation (RFQ)rev. V 1.0AP 3341 Links
AF 3340Single/Sole Source Requestrev. v4AF 3340 Links
AM 3325Purchasing Department Procedures Manualrev. v2AM 3325 Links
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