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  3000 - Business and Finance

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Board Policy
Administrative Regulations
Administrative Procedures
PAY-L001Certified Hour Codesrev. Rev EPAY-L001 Links
PAY-L002ESP (Classified) Hour Codesrev. Rev FPAY-L002 Links
PAY-L005Payclass Listingrev. PAY-L005 Links
PAY-L011Payroll Calendar for School Year 2019-20rev. PAY-L011 Links
PAY-L012Payroll Calendar for School Year 2018-19rev. PAY-L012 Links
PAY-L034Certified Pay Cycle - Even Yearrev. FY20PAY-L034 Links
PAY-L036Certified Pay Cycle - Odd Yearsrev. FY19PAY-L036 Links
PAY-L045Classified Pay Cycles - Even Yearsrev. FY20PAY-L045 Links
PAY-L046Classified Pay Cycles - Odd Yearsrev. FY19PAY-L046 Links
PAY-P502OT/AT/Comp Time Processing Site Procedurerev. PAY-P502 Links
PAY-P504Flex Time Usage Site Procedurerev. PAY-P504 Links
PAY-P505Site Payroll Records Retentionrev. v1PAY-P505 Links
PAY-F001Authorization Agreement for Direct Depositrev. v1PAY-F001 Links
PAY-F002Authorization to Stop Direct Deposit or Payroll Deducationrev. v1PAY-F002 Links
PAY-F004Student Activities Timesheetrev. Rev BPAY-F004 Links
PAY-F006Coaching Services - Timesheetrev. Rev BPAY-F006 Links
PAY-F007Request for Pay Stub Informationrev. Rev CPAY-F007 Links
PAY-F008Request for IRS Form W-2rev. Rev BPAY-F008 Links
PAY-F009Special Services Agreement - Certified/Administrative/Professional-Technical Staff Stipendsrev. Rev EPAY-F009 Links
PAY-F010Time and Attendance Report - Certifiedrev. Rev BPAY-F010 Links
PAY-F010-ExTime and Attendance Report - Certified (Excel)rev. Rev BPAY-F010-Ex Links
PAY-F011Time and Attendance Report - Classifiedrev. FY20PAY-F011 Links
PAY-F012Graduation Pay Timesheetrev. Rev BPAY-F012 Links
PAY-F013Prep Period Pay Timesheetrev. Rev CPAY-F013 Links
PAY-F014Request for Replacement Checkrev. Rev BPAY-F014 Links
PAY-F015Risk Management - Refund Health Care, Section 125 and Misc Deductionsrev. Rev BPAY-F015 Links
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