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  9000 - Board Governance
Board Governance

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Board Policy
Policy 9050Board of Trustees' Governing Missionrev. v3.0Policy 9050 Links
Policy 9051Board Conduct, Ethics and Operational Protocolsrev. v5.0Policy 9051 Links
Policy 9052Communication Protocols for the Board of Trusteesrev. v2Policy 9052 Links
Policy 9055Officers and Duties of the Board of Trusteesrev. v3.0Policy 9055 Links
Policy 9060Annual Goals, Objectives & Evaluation of the Board of Trusteesrev. v2.1Policy 9060 Links
Policy 9062Orientation and Continuous Education of the Board of Trusteesrev. v4Policy 9062 Links
Policy 9065Board of Trustees' Travel and Other Expensesrev. v4.0Policy 9065 Links
Administrative Regulations
Administrative Procedures
AP 1710Reno-Gazette Journal - School Zone Articlerev. V 1.0AP 1710 Links
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