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  9000 - Board Governance
9000 - Board Governance

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Board Policy
BP 9050Governing Model of the Board of Trusteesrev. v 5BP 9050 Links
BP 9051Board Conduct, Ethics, and Operational Protocolsrev. v 6.1BP 9051 Links
BP 9052Communication Protocols for the Board of Trusteesrev. v 4.0BP 9052 Links
BP 9055Officers and Duties of the Board of Trusteesrev. v 4.1BP 9055 Links
BP 9060Annual Goals, Objectives, and Evaluation of the Board of Trusteesrev. v 3.2BP 9060 Links
BP 9062Orientation and Continuous Education of the Board of Trusteesrev. v 5.1BP 9062 Links
BP 9065Board of Trustees' Compensation and Expensesrev. v 7.0BP 9065 Links
BP 9500Residency of Trusteerev. v 1.0BP 9500 Links
Administrative Regulations
Administrative Procedures
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