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  6000 - Academics & Instruction
6600 - Course of Study

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Board Policy
BP 6600Course of Studyrev. v 3.0BP 6600 Links
Administrative Regulations
Reg 5127High School Graduation Diploma Requirementsrev. v 12.0Reg 5127 Links
Reg 6600The Gateway Curriculumrev. v 1.0Reg 6600 Links
Administrative Procedures
AP 6210Delayed Graduationrev. V 3.0AP 6210 Links
AP 6211Early Graduaterev. v 4.0AP 6211 Links
AP 6212Fifth-Year Graduatesrev. v 6.0AP 6212 Links
AP 6213Diploma Datesrev. v 4.0AP 6213 Links
AP 6215General Educational Development Exam - GEDrev. V 2.0AP 6215 Links
AP 6222Early Promotion to High Schoolrev. V 3.0AP 6222 Links
AP 6224Incoming 9th Gradersrev. V 4.0AP 6224 Links
AP 6226Eighteen-Year Old Student Enrollmentrev. v 4.0AP 6226 Links
AP 6265Spanish for Spanish Speakers: Courses 3-4 & 5-6rev. v2.1AP 6265 Links
AP 6268Dropping Programsrev. v3.0AP 6268 Links
AP 6271North Star Online School - Middle Schoolrev. v3.0AP 6271 Links
AP 6272North Star Online School - Elementary Schoolrev. v3.0AP 6272 Links
AP 6273CBI Credit Recovery Teacher Guiderev. v1.0AP 6273 Links
AP 6312Academic Load Requirementrev. v 4.0AP 6312 Links
AP 6313Taking Class for Auditrev. v5AP 6313 Links
AP 6314Credit Exceptionsrev. v4.0AP 6314 Links
AP 6318Courses Approved for Credit Through Credit by Examrev. v 2.0AP 6318 Links
AP 6327Orientation for a Distance Education Programrev. v3.0AP 6327 Links
AP 6407Courses Approved For Credit Through A Mastery Examrev. v 3.0AP 6407 Links
AP 6630Arts/Humanities Credit - High Schoolrev. v 2.0AP 6630 Links
AP 6632Health Credit - High Schoolrev. v 3.0AP 6632 Links
AP 6633HSROTC - High Schoolrev. v 5.0AP 6633 Links
AP 6635Social Studiesrev. v 2.1AP 6635 Links
AP 6636Supervised Curriculum PE - High Schoolrev. v 5.0AP 6636 Links
AP 6637Advanced Placementrev. v6AP 6637 Links
AP 6638Honors Coursesrev. v 3.0AP 6638 Links
AP 6645Creating a New Courserev. v 2.0AP 6645 Links
AP 6647Career & Technology Education - Tech Prep Retroactive Creditrev. v 2.0AP 6647 Links
AP 6649Science Creditrev. v5AP 6649 Links
AP 6651Physical Education Options - High Schoolrev. v 2.0AP 6651 Links
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