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5025 - Student Placement and Communication of Progress

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Board Policy
BP 5025Student Placement and Communication of Progress - Promotion, Acceleration, and Retentionrev. v 3.0BP 5025 Links
Administrative Regulations
Reg 5026Uniform Grading and Reporting - Grades K-5 in an Elementary School Settingrev. v 1.0Reg 5026 Links
Reg 5027Uniform Grading and Reporting - Grades 6-8 in a Middle School Settingrev. v 1.0Reg 5027 Links
Reg 5028Uniform Grading & Reporting: Grades 9-12rev. v 1.0Reg 5028 Links
Reg 5029Graded Class Activities Conducted Outside of Regular Class Timerev. v 1.0Reg 5029 Links
Reg 5128Graduation/Commencement - Participation in Ceremonyrev. v 4.0Reg 5128 Links
Administrative Procedures
AP 5504Grading: Incompletes / Appealsrev. v 5.0AP 5504 Links
AP 5505Repeated Coursesrev. v 7.0AP 5505 Links
AP 5506Withholding of Gradesrev. v 2.0AP 5506 Links
AP 5507Grading: No Markrev. v 2.0AP 5507 Links
AP 5511Ranking/Recognition (7th & 8th Semester)rev. v 3.0AP 5511 Links
AP 5512Millennium Scholarshiprev. v 3.0AP 5512 Links
AP 5513Non-Graduate Students Seeking a Diplomarev. v 5.0AP 5513 Links
AF 6216Delayed Graduation Applicationrev. v 3.0AF 6216 Links
AF 6221Fifth Year Senior Applicationrev. v 3.0AF 6221 Links
AF 6316Dual Credit Enrollment Applicationrev. v 4.0AF 6316 Links
AM 5910Online Registration for New Students to WCSDrev. v 2.0AM 5910 Links
AM 5910-SpBienvenidos a los Padres/ Tutores Legales al Registro o Inscripci?n en L?nea (Online Registration) de los nuevos estudiantes que se est?n inscribiendo en WCSDrev. v 2.0AM 5910-Sp Links
AM 5911Online Registration for Existing WCSD Studentsrev. v 1.0AM 5911 Links
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