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  5000 - Students
5000 - Student Records

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Board Policy
Policy 5000Student Records and Informationrev. v2Policy 5000 Links
Administrative Regulations
Reg 5005Student Educational Recordsrev. V 2.0Reg 5005 Links
Reg 5007Student E-mailrev. v2Reg 5007 Links
Reg 5010Outside Law Enforcement and Other Government Agencies: Questioning of Students and Release of Student Recordsrev. V 2.0Reg 5010 Links
Reg 5015Variance from Zoned Schoolrev. v3Reg 5015 Links
Reg 5129Diploma Seals, Certificates, and Endorsementsrev. v1Reg 5129 Links
Administrative Procedures
AP 5004Maintaining Student Permanent Academic Recordsrev. v1AP 5004 Links
AP 5006Maintenance of Special Education Recordsrev. v2AP 5006 Links
AP 5009Requested Special Education Records - Missingrev. v1AP 5009 Links
AP 5011Release of Records to Law Enforcement Agencies, Other Than School Policerev. V 3.0AP 5011 Links
AP 5012Temporary Protection Order, Order of Protection, Restraining Order, Order of Custody,rev. V 2.0AP 5012 Links
AP 5050Class Record Book Proceduresrev. v2AP 5050 Links
AP 5051Cumulative Folder Proceduresrev. V 1.1AP 5051 Links
AP 5052Student Enrollment Count for Apportionment Purposes (Preparation and Implementation)rev. V 1.1AP 5052 Links
AP 5053Enrollment: Students who Leave WCSD to Enroll in a Treatment Facility in Nevadarev. v2AP 5053 Links
AP 5054Temporary or No Guardianshiprev. v1.1AP 5054 Links
AP 5125Student Identification Cardsrev. V 2.0AP 5125 Links
AP 5514Transcript Dates and Postingrev. V 4.0AP 5514 Links
AP 5515Transcript Evaluationrev. V 3.0AP 5515 Links
AP 5516Transcript Productionrev. V 4.0AP 5516 Links
AP 5517Veteran's High School Diplomarev. V 2.0AP 5517 Links
AP 5518Credit Deficient Studentsrev. V 2.0AP 5518 Links
AP 5540Promotion to High Schoolrev. V 3.0AP 5540 Links
AP 5612Release of Records to Law Enforcement Agencies, Other Than WCSD School Policerev. v2AP 5612 Links
AP 6225Charter School Student Enrollment in District Class or Programrev. v3AP 6225 Links
AP 6228Extended Time Between School Enrollmentsrev. v3.0AP 6228 Links
AP 6229Grade Level Classificationrev. v3.0AP 6229 Links
AP 6230Concurrently Enrolled Studentsrev. v3AP 6230 Links
AP 6231Late Entryrev. v3.0AP 6231 Links
AP 6232Student Returning From Studying Abroadrev. v2.0AP 6232 Links
AP 6233In-District Transfer-20 Days or Less Remaining in Semesterrev. v2.0AP 6233 Links
AP 6234Private School Enrollment in District Classesrev. v3.0AP 6234 Links
AP 6235Retention of 8th Grade Studentsrev. v2.0AP 6235 Links
AP 6236Student Enrollmentrev. v2.0AP 6236 Links
AP 6237Taking High School Courses on the Middle School Campusrev. v2.0AP 6237 Links
AP 6238Withdrawal From Class-High Schoolrev. v3.0AP 6238 Links
AP 6246Age of Entrance-Elementary Schoolrev. v2.0AP 6246 Links
AP 6260Student Aide/Assistant Creditrev. v2.0AP 6260 Links
AP 6261Credit for Enrichment/Intervention Periods-High Schoolrev. v2.0AP 6261 Links
AP 6262Physical Education ("PE") Waiverrev. v4.0AP 6262 Links
AP 6270Alternative Means of Earning Creditrev. v2.0AP 6270 Links
AP 6310Earning Creditrev. v4.0AP 6310 Links
AP 6311Credit by Examrev. v5.0AP 6311 Links
AP 6406Recovering Credit Through A Mastery Examrev. v8.0AP 6406 Links
AP 6610Enrolling Speech Only Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Studentsrev. v 2.0AP 6610 Links
AP 6620Grading: Comprehensive Life Skills/Strategies Classesrev. v 2.0AP 6620 Links
AF 5002Opt-In To Directory Information Being Releaserev. v1AF 5002 Links
AF 5002-SpOpt-In To Directory Information Being Release-Sprev. v1AF 5002-Sp Links
AF 5003Request for Student Directory Information/Recordsrev. v1AF 5003 Links
AF 5013Records Release and Requestrev. v1AF 5013 Links
AF 5014Residency Affidavitrev. v1AF 5014 Links
AF 5015Inter-WCSD Variance Request Formrev. v1AF 5015 Links
AF 5015-SpInter-WCSD Variance Request - Spanishrev. v1AF 5015-Sp Links
AF 5016Application to Attend School Outside District of Residencerev. v5AF 5016 Links
AF 5016-SpApplication to Attend School Outside District of Residence-Spanishrev. v5AF 5016-Sp Links
AF 5018Variance Request Based on School Rezoningrev. v3AF 5018 Links
AF 5018-SpVariance Request Based on School Rezoning-Spanishrev. v3AF 5018-Sp Links
AF 5021Agreement to Conditionally Enroll a Studentrev. v1AF 5021 Links
AF 5021-SpAcuerdo Para Inscribir Condicionalmente A Un Estudianterev. v1AF 5021-Sp Links
AF 5055Appointment of Short-Term Guardian by a Parentrev. v3AF 5055 Links
AF 5055-SpAppointment of Temporary Guardian by a Parent - Spanishrev. v3AF 5055-Sp Links
AF 6239Enrollment Checklistrev. v 1AF 6239 Links
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