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  5000 - Students
5000 - Student Records

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Board Policy
BP 5000Student Records and Informationrev. v 3.0BP 5000 Links
Administrative Regulations
Reg 5005Student Educational Recordsrev. v 3.0Reg 5005 Links
Reg 5007Student E-Mailrev. v 3.0Reg 5007 Links
Reg 5010Outside Law Enforcement and Other Government Agencies: Questioning of Students and Release of Student Recordsrev. v 3.0Reg 5010 Links
Reg 5015School of Choicerev. v 5.0Reg 5015 Links
Reg 5129Diploma Seals, Certificates, and Endorsementsrev. v 2.0Reg 5129 Links
Administrative Procedures
AP 5004Maintaining Student Permanent Academic Recordsrev. v 2.0AP 5004 Links
AP 5006Maintenance of Special Education Recordsrev. v 3.0AP 5006 Links
AP 5009Requested Special Education Records - Missingrev. v 1.0AP 5009 Links
AP 5012Temporary Protection Order, Order of Protection, Restraining Order, Order of Custody,rev. v 2.0AP 5012 Links
AP 5050Class Record Book Proceduresrev. v 3.0AP 5050 Links
AP 5051Cumulative Folder Proceduresrev. v 2.0AP 5051 Links
AP 5052Student Enrollment Count for Apportionment Purposes (Preparation and Implementation)rev. v 1.1AP 5052 Links
AP 5053AP Enrollment: Students Who Leave the District to Enroll in a Treatment Facilityrev. v 6.0AP 5053 Links
AP 5054Temporary or No Guardianshiprev. v 1.1AP 5054 Links
AP 5125Student Identification Cardsrev. v 3.0AP 5125 Links
AP 5514Transcript Dates and Postingrev. v 5.0AP 5514 Links
AP 5515Transcript Evaluationrev. v 5.0AP 5515 Links
AP 5516Transcript Productionrev. v 5.0AP 5516 Links
AP 5517Veteran's High School Diplomarev. v 2.0AP 5517 Links
AP 5518Credit Deficient Studentsrev. v 2.0AP 5518 Links
AP 5612Release of Records to Law Enforcement Agencies, Other Than School Policerev. v 3.0AP 5612 Links
AP 6228Extended Time Between School Enrollmentsrev. v 4.0AP 6228 Links
AP 6229Grade Level Classificationrev. v 4.0AP 6229 Links
AP 6230Concurrently Enrolled Studentsrev. v 3.0AP 6230 Links
AP 6231Late Entryrev. v 5.0AP 6231 Links
AP 6232Student Returning From Studying Abroadrev. v 3.0AP 6232 Links
AP 6233In-District Transfer-20 Days or Less Remaining in Semesterrev. v 3.0AP 6233 Links
AP 6234Private, Charter, or Home School Enrollment in District Classrev. v 4.0AP 6234 Links
AP 6235Retention of 8th Grade Studentsrev. v 4.0AP 6235 Links
AP 6237Taking High School Courses on the Middle School Campusrev. v 3.0AP 6237 Links
AP 6238Withdrawal From Class-High Schoolrev. v 3.0AP 6238 Links
AP 6246Age of Entrance - Elementary Schoolrev. v 4.0AP 6246 Links
AP 6260Student Aide/Assistant Creditrev. v 2.0AP 6260 Links
AP 6261Credit for Enrichment/Intervention Periods - High Schoolrev. v 3.0AP 6261 Links
AP 6262Physical Education (PE) Waiverrev. v 6AP 6262 Links
AP 6266CLEP Exams for High School Creditrev. v 1.1AP 6266 Links
AP 6310Earning Creditrev. v 5.0AP 6310 Links
AP 6311Credit by Examrev. v 6.0AP 6311 Links
AP 6406Recovering Credit Through A Mastery Examrev. v 9.0AP 6406 Links
AP 6610Enrolling Speech Only Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten Studentsrev. v 3.0AP 6610 Links
AP 6620Grading: Comprehensive Life Skills/Strategies Classesrev. v 2.0AP 6620 Links
AF 5002Opt-In To Directory Information Being Releaserev. v 1.0AF 5002 Links
AF 5002-SpOpt-In To Directory Information Being Release-Sprev. v 1.0AF 5002-Sp Links
AF 5003Request for Student Directory Information/Recordsrev. v 1.0AF 5003 Links
AF 5013Records Release and Requestrev. v2AF 5013 Links
AF 5014Residency Affidavitrev. v 1.0AF 5014 Links
AF 5016Out-of-District Variance Applicationrev. v 8.0AF 5016 Links
AF 5016-Sp Out-of-District Variance Application - Sprev. v 8.0AF 5016-Sp Links
AF 5021Agreement to Conditionally Enroll a Studentrev. v 1.0AF 5021 Links
AF 5021-SpAcuerdo Para Inscribir Condicionalmente A Un Estudianterev. v 1.0AF 5021-Sp Links
AF 5055Appointment of Short-Term Guardian by a Parent (NRS 159A.205)rev. v 5.0AF 5055 Links
AF 5055-SP Appointment of Short-Term Guardian by a Parent (NRS 159A.205)-SPrev. v 5.0AF 5055-SP Links
AF 6239Enrollment Checklistrev. v 2.0AF 6239 Links
AM 5912Manual for School Employees Enrolling Studentsrev. v 11.0AM 5912 Links
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