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  4000 - Personnel
4105 - Employment Practices

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Board Policy
Policy 4105Employment Practicesrev. v1Policy 4105 Links
Administrative Regulations
Reg 4100Verification of Employment Historyrev. V 1.0Reg 4100 Links
Reg 4110.2Department Chairpersonsrev. V 2.0Reg 4110.2 Links
Reg 4112Appointment of Certified (Licensed) Personnelrev. V 1.0Reg 4112 Links
Reg 4112.1Certification (Licensure) Information Requiredrev. V 1.0Reg 4112.1 Links
Reg 4115Transfers (Teachers)rev. V 1.0Reg 4115 Links
Reg 4115.1Backup for Administrative Personnelrev. V 1.0Reg 4115.1 Links
Reg 4116.1Teacher Responsibilities and Dutiesrev. V 1.0Reg 4116.1 Links
Reg 4119.3Short Term Suspension (Licensed Employee)rev. V 4.0Reg 4119.3 Links
Reg 4138Non-School Employmentrev. V 3.0Reg 4138 Links
Reg 4139Personal Problems and Requestsrev. V 4.0Reg 4139 Links
Reg 4142Salary Payments to Certificated (Licensed) Personnelrev. V 3.0Reg 4142 Links
Reg 4142.1Compensation for Accumulated Sick Leaverev. V 3.0Reg 4142.1 Links
Reg 4142.2Salary Deductionsrev. V 4.0Reg 4142.2 Links
Reg 4145Employee Health Insurancerev. v4.1Reg 4145 Links
Reg 4145.1Industrial Workers' Compensation for Employeesrev. V 2.0Reg 4145.1 Links
Reg 4147Additional Voluntary Salary Deductionsrev. V 6.0Reg 4147 Links
Reg 4150Absences and Leavesrev. V 6.0Reg 4150 Links
Reg 4150.1Family and Medical Leaverev. V 1.0Reg 4150.1 Links
Reg 4212.1Information Required - Classifiedrev. V 2.0Reg 4212.1 Links
Reg 4215Transfers - Classifiedrev. V 3.0Reg 4215 Links
Reg 4217Probationary Period - Classifiedrev. V 2.0Reg 4217 Links
Reg 4218Promotions - Classifiedrev. V 2.0Reg 4218 Links
Reg 4232Payment of Classified Employeesrev. V 2.0Reg 4232 Links
Reg 4232.1Salary Deductions for Classified Employeesrev. V 2.0Reg 4232.1 Links
Reg 4233Overtime and Compensatory Time - Classifiedrev. V 2.0Reg 4233 Links
Reg 4237.1Additional Voluntary Salary Deductions - Classifiedrev. V 2.0Reg 4237.1 Links
Reg 4238Non-School Employment - Classifiedrev. V 2.0Reg 4238 Links
Reg 4239Personal Problems and Requestsrev. V 2.0Reg 4239 Links
Reg 4242.1Compensation for Accumulated Sick leave - Classifiedrev. V 2.0Reg 4242.1 Links
Reg 4243Absenses, Leaves and Vacations - Classifiedrev. V 2.0Reg 4243 Links
Administrative Procedures
AP 4520Position Analysis - New Job Descriptionrev. V 1.0AP 4520 Links
AF 4321Universal Request for Time Offrev. v1AF 4321 Links
HR-F530Request for Professional Leave / School Business / Community Service Leaverev. v1HR-F530 Links
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