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  4000 - Personnel

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Board Policy
Administrative Regulations
Administrative Procedures
BEN-P001Name and/or Address Change Procedurerev. BEN-P001 Links
BEN-P002Benefit Change for Retirees Procedurerev. BEN-P002 Links
BEN-P003PERS Notice of Rate Change Procedurerev. BEN-P003 Links
BEN-P004Benefits for New Hires Procedurerev. BEN-P004 Links
BEN-P005Cash Receipts Log Procedurerev. BEN-P005 Links
BEN-P006Loss of Benefit Coverage Procedurerev. BEN-P006 Links
BEN-P007Long Term Disability Procedurerev. BEN-P007 Links
BEN-P008Non-Member PHI Inquiry Procedurerev. BEN-P008 Links
BEN-P009Member PHI Inquiry Procedurerev. BEN-P009 Links
BEN-P010Handling of PHI Sensitive Material Procedurerev. BEN-P010 Links
BEN-P011PHI Inquiries from Business Associates, Public Health, Attorneys, Court Orders and Subpoena Procedurerev. BEN-P011 Links
BEN-P012Release of PHI to Legal Counsel Procedurerev. BEN-P012 Links
BEN-P014Storage of Claims Related PHI Procedurerev. BEN-P014 Links
BEN-P015Individual Requests Regarding Use, Inspection, And/or Correction of PHI Procedurerev. BEN-P015 Links
BEN-P016Privacy Notice Procedurerev. BEN-P016 Links
BEN-P017Benefit Training on PHI Procedurerev. BEN-P017 Links
BEN-P018Investigation of PHI Complaints and Violations Procedurerev. BEN-P018 Links
BEN-P019Life Insurance Death Benefit Procedurerev. BEN-P019 Links
BEN-P020Retiree Open Window Procedurerev. BEN-P020 Links
BEN-P021ESIP Benefits Procedurerev. BEN-P021 Links
BEN-P022Dependent Change Addition / Deletion Procedurerev. BEN-P022 Links
BEN-P023COBRA & Leaves of Absence Procedurerev. BEN-P023 Links
BEN-P024Waiver of Premium Procedurerev. BEN-P024 Links
BEN-P025Open Enrollment & Open Enrollment Changes Procedurerev. BEN-P025 Links
BEN-P026Shared-Contract Waiver of Insurance Benefits Procedurerev. BEN-P026 Links
BEN-P027Access to Healthcare Network Procedurerev. BEN-P027 Links
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