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  3000 - Business and Finance
Accounting / Budgeting

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Board Policy
Administrative Regulations
Administrative Procedures
AI-P001Annual Audit Report Procedurerev. v 2.0AI-P001 Links
AI-P002Bond Proceeds / General Investment Procedurerev. BAI-P002 Links
AI-P003Quarterly Reports to Board Procedurerev. BAI-P003 Links
AI-P004Cash Management Investment Procedurerev. v 1.0AI-P004 Links
AI-P005Issuance of Long-Term Debt Procedurerev. v 1.0AI-P005 Links
AI-P006Accounting and Investment Management Planrev. BAI-P006 Links
AI-P007Year End Closing Procedurerev. CAI-P007 Links
AI-P008Retention Interest Procedurerev. v 1.0AI-P008 Links
AI-P009Bank Statement Reconciliationrev. DAI-P009 Links
AI-P010Accounting and Investment Legislative Fiscalrev. AAI-P010 Links
AI-P011Debt Management Procedurerev. BAI-P011 Links
AI-P012Benefit Reserve Programrev. CAI-P012 Links
AI-P013Facility Rental Accounting Procedurerev. CAI-P013 Links
AI-P015Bank Reconciliation Procedurerev. BAI-P015 Links
AI-P016Procedures for the Creation of and Adjustments to Project Budgetsrev. v 1.0AI-P016 Links
BUD-P501School Allocation Process Procedurerev. ABUD-P501 Links
BUD-P502Budget Transfer for Non-Grant Funds Procedurerev. BBUD-P502 Links
BUD-P503PERS Reporting Procedurerev. BBUD-P503 Links
BUD-P504Budget Analysis Procedurerev. ABUD-P504 Links
BUD-P505Revenue Projection (General Fund) Procedurerev. BBUD-P505 Links
BUD-P506Revenue & Cost Projection – Other Funds Procedurerev. BBUD-P506 Links
BUD-P508Allocation Report Procedurerev. ABUD-P508 Links
BUD-P509Cost Projection (General Fund) Procedurerev. ABUD-P509 Links
BUD-P510Salary and Benefit (General Fund) Procedurerev. ABUD-P510 Links
BUD-P511Minimum Expenditure Requirement Procedurerev. BBUD-P511 Links
BUD-P512Position Budget Modeling Procedurerev. ABUD-P512 Links
BUD-W501Budget Transfers for Non-Grant Funds Work Instructionrev. BBUD-W501 Links
BUD-W502PERS Employee Forms and Employee Orientation Work Instructionrev. ABUD-W502 Links
BUD-W503Position Budget Modeling Work Instructionrev. ABUD-W503 Links
AF 3620Cell Phone Allowance Requestrev. v 1.0AF 3620 Links
AI-F001Benefit Reserve Program (BRP) Statement of Use Formrev. 2021AI-F001 Links
BUD-F501Budget Transfer Requestrev. ABUD-F501 Links
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